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Global Competition.... With our process innovation technologies, we implement effective solutions to get you to a high performing business.

Cost, Quality & Service through Process Innovation.

We work directly with your team and implement systems to ensure improvements are identified, executed and sustained. We want to have our customers build a culture of improvement that leads to PROFITABILITY.

New Product Launch

  1. Mexico Greenfield site selection and manufacturing cost analysis.
  2. Company setup in Mexico
    1. Company Setup
    2. Government Building Permits
    3. Import/Export Permits
  1. Human Resources - Hiring a succesful team for your new operation
  2. Product /Process transfers to new plant - Active participation with project management to ensure successful ramp up . Helping avoid road blocks to a successful transition
  3. Labor Law & Environmental

Project Management

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We provide manufacturing and business development services to get your product manufactured to you're specifications. We cater to businesses and people who have a product but do not know how or where to manufacture it. We provide engineering support and product costing and sourcing, so you can concentrate on your business.